Visitor’s Do’s & Don’ts


Do ask the patient's permission to visit before you arrive.
Do wash or sanitize your hands.
Do check before bringing balloons or flowers.
Do turn off or silence your cell phone.
Do stay for a short time.
Do leave the room if the doctor or provider arrives to examine or talk to the patient.
Avoid close contact with sick people. Maintain a healthy distance from people with symptoms to prevent infection.
Cover your cough and sneeze with tissue or sleeve. Never use your hands as they will become infected and transmit the virus to any object that you touch.
If you use a tissue, put it in a closed bin and sanitize hands immediately. Do not use the same tissue repeatedly.


Don't enter the hospital if you have any symptoms that could be contagious.
Don't take food to your patient unless you know they can tolerate it.
Don't visit if your presence will cause stress or anxiety.
Don't expect the patient to entertain you.
Don't smoke before visiting or during a visit, even if you excuse yourself to go outdoors.
Don’t sit on the patient’s bed. You may deposit germs that you picked up on the way. Use the chair that is provided.
Don’t touch eyes, nose, or mouth. They are the gateways for many infections.
Don’t bring children to visit patients unless necessary. They are highly susceptible to infections.