Neonatal Care

It is a collection of bedside resources for the practitioner providing bedside nursing care for infants and children with congenital heart disease (CHD). These resources have been developed by a group of advanced practice nurses from across the country to provide a quick and comprehensive overview of bedside care for the point-of-care nurse. Every effort has been made to provide the most current and up-to-date practice recommendations, however, institutional differences may occur.

  • Anticoagulation in Pediatric Cardiology
  • Premature Newborn Care
  • Closed care of sternum wounds in pediatric patients with coronary heart disease


We cater all the care personally to the treatment of critically ill babies, who require ventilation (life support) and intravenous feeding. Our Neonatal Care Level 3 is equipped with 9 beds with multi-channel monitors, infusion pumps and ventilation facilities. 

We have facilities for high-frequency ventilation, a highly sophisticated form of artificial respiration in which very sick infants are ventilated at respiratory rates of up to 600 breaths per minute, which helps in the management of complicated cases that need advanced care.

Babies and their mothers have the opportunity to bond before discharge. We also provide mothers with guidance and help in managing their babies with confidence prior to discharge and provide training to care for the special needs of their newborn.

In addition to our trained neonatology consultants, we have a dedicated team of specially trained healthcare professionals who are involved in your baby's care, including NICU fellows, nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, lactation consultants, pharmacists and medical social workers (MSW).

Our NICU is fully equipped and staffed to provide 24/7 care for critically ill newborns. Our neonatal nurses have received extensive training to provide personalized care to patients.  We also encourage the active participation of parents in the management of their newborns, should their NICU stay be prolonged. 

Benecare is the best neonatal hospital in Pune that strives to provide 24/7 services for premature babies or babies

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