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Receive exceptional care from leading gynecologist in Pune at Benecare Hospital. Our seasoned and highly skilled gynecology specialists provide tailored consultations and examinations, addressing a comprehensive spectrum of women’s health concerns, from regular check-ups to intricate medical conditions.

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    Women’s Gynecology Consultation

    In the contemporary world, women are gaining global recognition and empowerment. To thrive in this competitive landscape, women must showcase immense potential to keep pace. At Benecare, we recognize the pivotal importance of women’s health and understand its profound impact on confidence. In the later stages of life, women become more susceptible to diseases due to a lack of health awareness and neglect. Even in metropolitan areas, women often overlook gynecological consultations during the initial phases.

    A woman can go the extra mile only when her health is robust and in optimal condition. If you’re a woman seeking gynecological consultation from Pune’s leading gynecologists, you’ve come to the right place! Our consultation services cater to women of all ages, providing specialized care for both the mature and the young.

    When Should Women Typically Seek Gynecological Treatment?

    Family planning (including sterilisation, contraception, and pregnancy termination)

    PCOS i.e. polycystic ovary syndrome

    Cervical dysplasia and endometrial hyperplasia

    Emergency gynecological care

    Congenital reproductive tract abnormalities

    Ovarian Tumours

    Fibroids, ovarian cysts, breast disorders, vaginal and vulvar ulcers, and other non-cancerous changes of the reproductive tract

    Problems with menopause, menstruation, fertility, and pregnancy

    Urinary and/or faecal incontinence




    Infections transmitted through sexual contact

    Tissues, such as muscles and ligaments, support pelvic organs

    Tumors associated with pregnancy, breast cancer, or cancer of the reproductive tract

    Abscesses and inflammatory diseases of the pelvis

    Sexual dysfunction and sexual orientation

    Fertility related issues

    Our Specialists:


    Dr. Charushila Borole Palwade
    MBBS, MS (Obstretrics & Gynecology) Dip. In IVF (UAE)


    Dr. Jaideep Palwade
    MBBS, MS (Obstretrics & Gynecology) Dip. In Endoscopy (Germany)

    Our Team


    Dr. Vinit Chafekar
    Gynaec Registrar

    Dr. Swati Aglave
    Gynaec RMO

    Dr. Sweta Jain
    Gynaec Registrar


    Dr. Gauri Matani
    Gynaec Registrar


    Dr. Renuka Deshmukh
    Gynaec RMO


    Is Normal delivery painful?

    Yes. But can manage with the help of Epidural Anesthesia.

    What Does A Gynecologist Do?

    Diagnosis & treat issue related to the female reproductive system.

    How often should you see a gynecologist?

    An annual checkup recommended for most females after age of 45yrs. In case of pregnancy monthly or less than that as per pregnancy grows.

    What does Benecare Hospital prioritize in childbirth?

    Benecare Hospital prefers normal delivery. Whenever possible Benecare prefers normal delivery.

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