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If you are a resident of Pune’s ever-expanding city and are unsure about which maternity hospital to choose for your birthing experience, particularly in Baner, Benecare hospital provides the best prenatal and postnatal care to expectant mothers and their babies. It is your one-stop solution for pregnancy care as well as pediatric care for your newborn after birth. Benecare has a cutting-edge radiology center equipped with the best and most up-to-date technological tools. The best radiology specialist doctor supporting pregnancy, gynaecology, and paediatric radiology services.


Role of a Radiologist

A Radiologist’s role in medical science is extremely important and vital. They aid in the detection of disease within an individual’s body through the use of various important test methods such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasonography, and others.

Benecare have the most advanced pieces of equipment for this type of examination for would-be-mothers

Gynecology Scans: Pelvic Scan, Follicular Scan. 

Pediatric Scans : Abdominal Scan, Hip scan, Cranium scan, Kub Scan, 2D echocardiography

PregnancyScan : Early pregnancy scan, NT Scan, Anomaly Scan, Fetal echo Scan, Interval growth Scan, BPP Scan. 

As doctors, we understand the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Studies have recently revealed that sitting for long periods (hi, radiologists!) has a major negative influence on health. It might be challenging to fit exercise into an already hectic schedule. When driving to the gym or coordinating childcare, "it just takes 30 minutes" can be unrealistic. Using strategic planning to fit exercise into your weekly schedule may necessitate some creative maneuvering, so experiment with different approaches to determine what works best for you. The most crucial aspect is to establish consistency through minor victories.

You can also do: Reading for fun, getting outside, identifying activities that you enjoy, finding things that make you think, receiving therapy, allowing yourself to rest totally

Benecare health care providers must develop sustained relationships with patients throughout the stages of life so that they can address or facilitate the care of the vast majority of personal health care needs. To fulfill this role, Our health care teams, through technology and team care, need to be organized and equipped to address diverse physical health, behavioral health, and social service needs. Based on specific health expertise, Our health care teams may assume primary or shared responsibility for providing care.

In Benecare hospital before being sent for investigations, all patients should be properly assessed and managed. For patients undergoing radiographic investigations, a nurse should be on hand at all times, and medical escort is essential for potentially/unstable patients.

Radiation protection is an important part of keeping patients safe in diagnostic and interventional radiology. Justification, optimization, and the use of doses As Low As Reasonably Achievable are the three main concepts of radiation protection for patients.

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