Tubal Ligation


Tubal Ligation At Benecare

Tubal ligation, often known as “having your tubes tied,” is a permanent contraceptive procedure. During this surgery, the fallopian tubes are either cut, blocked, or sealed to ensure pregnancy prevention. This safe and effective method can be performed at any stage.
With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technology, we prioritize the safety and success of our patients.

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    Overview of Tubal Ligation

    Tubal ligation is an extremely reliable method of permanent contraception, being nearly 100% successful. If you are certain you never want to get pregnant in the future, getting your tubes tied provides you with a safe and easy option for avoiding pregnancy while still being able to engage in sexual activity.
    In some situations, your doctor may suggest it as a treatment for certain conditions, or if you have an elevated risk of being a carrier of a gene mutation (BRCA) related to ovarian cancer.
    Benecare’s state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technology ensure the highest possible safety and success rates for our patients.

    Our Specialists:


    Dr. Charushila Borole Palwade
    MBBS, MS (Obstretrics & Gynecology) Dip. In IVF (UAE)

    Dr. Jaideep Palwade
    MBBS, MS (Obstretrics & Gynecology) Dip. In Endoscopy (Germany)

    Fertility & IVF Related FAQs

    What is Tubal Ligation?

    Tubal ligation is surgical procedure to prevent pregnancy.

    How much bed rest is required after tubal ligation?

    Probably needs to take 2 to 3 days bed rest.

    Is Tubal Ligation covered by insurance?

    No. most of the insurance company not covered this surgery.

    Is there an ideal time to consider Tubal Ligation?

    Its performed after vaginal delivery, also after C-Section, after MTP,

    Also at any time after menses if 1st child 5yrs & 2nd child minimum 1 yr.

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