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Pathology Lab In Pune, Baner

Benecare Hospital offers a wide array of advanced laboratory tests to assist doctors in confirming their clinical observations and making accurate diagnoses. Understanding the importance of precise diagnostic services in modern healthcare, our state-of-the-art medical facilities are designed to meet the evolving needs of our health-conscious community. When selecting a diagnostic center, trust Benecare Hospital to provide top-quality pathology and laboratory services to meet your healthcare needs.

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    Equipped with advanced technology and staffed by experienced and skilled professionals, the lab offers accurate and timely results for a variety of tests, including

    Blood tests

    A blood test is a medical procedure that involves taking a sample of blood from a patient to measure various components such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other factors, providing information about the individual’s health status and potential medical conditions.

    Urine tests

    A urine test checks for the presence of certain substances in the urine and provides a result of either positive or negative, indicating whether the substances are above or below the detection level.

    Genetic testing

    A genetic test is a medical test that looks at a person’s genes to see if they have certain traits or are at risk for certain diseases. It can provide information about a person’s ancestry, genetic health risks, and potential medical conditions

    The lab also offers specialized services such as:

    Histopathology Reporting/Testing – To diagnose type of tissue, presence of pre-cancerous tissues or frank malignancy.

    Cancer marker testing – Cancer marker testing checks for substances in the blood, urine, or tissues that can indicate the presence of cancer or provide information about the best way to treat it. It helps doctors understand a cancer’s characteristics and how it responds to treatment.

    Home Collection – Patients can benefit from the convenience of home collection services and the ability to access their test results online. The Pathology Lab at Benecare hospital is committed to delivering high-quality diagnostic services to its patients with a focus on accuracy, speed, and patient comfort.

    Hormone profiling – Hormone profiling involves analyzing the levels of various hormones in the body to understand their impact on health, including their influence on growth, development, metabolism, and reproduction. It helps in diagnosing hormonal imbalances and guiding treatment decisions based on the hormone levels.

    Allergy testing – Allergy testing involves checking for specific substances in the blood, skin, or through a skin prick test to determine if a person has allergic reactions to certain allergens such as pollen, pet dander, or dust. It helps identify potential triggers for allergic reactions and guides treatment decisions, including the possibility of allergy shots.

    Our Specialists:


    Mauli Kotule


    Pramod Darade


    Where is your test sample processed?

    Inhouse Benecare path lab

    How long does it take to receive pathology test results?

    It depends on type of investigations advise.

    How many labs and centers does Benecare hospital have at present?

    At Benecare hospital we have One lab.

    Can I access my pathology records or results online?

    Yes you can check the reports online and our team will share reports on mail.

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