The axis of every happy family is a healthy woman. Even the smallest ailment that bothers her can upset the balance of the entire family. We provide High-level maternal care with dedicated maternal ICU care.


The Center specialized in high and extreme-risk pregnancies such as twin pregnancy, triplets, eclampsia (seizures in pregnancy), diabetes in pregnancy, bad obstetric history-boh (mothers with previous abortions), severe anemia, etc.

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24 x 7 in-house sonography with 3d and 4d sonography facilities.

24/7 internal anesthesiologist support to manage painless and emergency labor.

IVF and infertility services: Follicular monitoring, semen analysis, IUI, IVF, egg donation, ICSI, surrogacy.

We excel in performing complex gynecological surgeries.

24/7 internal anesthesiologist support to manage painless and emergency labor.

In our hospital, we offer an exclusive and complete center dedicated to the well-being of women. It is a state-of-the-art facility where high-quality medical care, coupled with personalized attention, graces our patients with a positive experience.

We try to meet all the health care needs of women of all ages with the convenience of a single point. We offer a wide range of medical and surgical services that include primary gynecological and obstetric care, advanced techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms of the female reproductive system, and urogynecology work, all provided with minimally invasive surgeries.

Benecare health care providers must develop sustained relationships with patients throughout the stages of life so that they can address or facilitate the care of the vast majority of personal health care needs. To fulfill this role, Our health care teams, through technology and team care, need to be organized and equipped to address diverse physical health, behavioral health, and social service needs. Based on specific health expertise, Our health care teams may assume primary or shared responsibility for providing care.

Our team of experienced doctors works around the clock to monitor the different stages of pregnancy, treat and care for the mother and fetus. Our professional medical staff and physicians offer immediate medical assistance for high-risk and complicated pregnancies to ensure that mother and baby get the optimal support that is needed at the time. We have a team of experienced physicians who work closely with each patient to provide the highest quality care for a variety of services, from gynecology to oncology and much more.