Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the health and medical care of babies, kids, and adolescents from birth to the age of 16.

The Pediatrics Department at Benecare is made up of a team of pediatric specialists that cater to all of the needs of children, as well as a physician who provides medical care for chronically ill children as well as preventive health services for healthy children. A pediatrician is concerned with the physical, mental, and emotional health of the children in their care throughout all stages of development, including sickness and fitness.


Pediatrics - Overview:

The goal of the pediatrics department of Benecare Hospital is to reduce disease rates in newborns and children, restrict the spread of infectious diseases, promote healthy lifestyles for long, disease-free life, and assist children and teenagers with chronic ailments.

Our team of qualified and committed pediatricians is trained to tackle any and all contingencies to diagnose and treat several conditions among kids including-

  •  Injuries 
  •  Infections 
  •  Genetic and Congenital Conditions 
  •  Cancers 
  •  Organ Diseases and Dysfunctions 

Pediatrics is concerned about instant management of the sick child, and long-term effects on quality of life, disability, and survival. Pediatricians are concerned with the prevention, early detection, and handling of problems including- developmental delays and diseases. 

  •  Behavioural Problems 
  •  Functional Disabilities 
  •  Social Stresses 
  •  Psychological Diseases, including Depression and Anxiety Disorders.

Developmental Screening:

Developmental screening is more thorough than monitoring, and it can help identify children who are at risk for developmental problems. Children are unable to communicate their worries and issues at such a young age, and hence developmental issues can go overlooked even by parents. As a result, developmental screening is necessary to discover any issues that the child may be experiencing.

During regular well-child consultation at these ages, Benecare Hospital of Pediatrics recommends developmental and Behavioural screening for all children:

  • 9 months
  • 18 months
  • 30 months

Even if there are no concerns, developmental screening with a validated test is advised for all children at these ages. If some common developmental abnormalities are discovered during screening, Benecare experts may examine a kid more regularly.

  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • Intellectual disability
  • Speech or language problems
  • Behavioural issues
  • Issues related to motor skills
  • Hearing or vision impairment
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Hearing and Vision Screenings:

Children of all ages, including infants, can have their vision and hearing tested at Benecare Pediatrics, which has specialist equipment. It is critical to identify any hearing or vision problems as soon as possible so that appropriate treatment can begin. Furthermore, school-aged children frequently require these screenings to be recognized at their local schools.

Please contact us to book an appointment if your kid requires a hearing or vision screening, or if you have concerns about hearing or vision.

A child’s entire well-being and academic achievement are dependent on their vision and hearing. We provide pediatric hearing and vision screenings as part of routine good visits and on an as-needed basis if your kid is having vision or hearing problems.


Every day,  newborns and children are exposed to bacterias & other pathogens. Their immune systems battle those bacteria.  Immune systems in newborns and youngsters are weaker. To keep the body healthy, Immunisation is required and is provided by Benecare Hospital to help children’s immune systems develop.

Vaccines are one of the most effective ways to protect children and adults from serious illnesses. Many highly infectious illnesses, such as measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, and polio, have been successfully eradicated thanks to vaccination campaigns at the Benecare hospital.

Many vaccines have a range of recommended ages. Doctors of Benecare Hospital can make specific recommendations, which may differ depending on the child’s known health issues and other factors. Combination vaccinations are frequently used to reduce the number of doses given to kids.

It is essential to follow the prescribed vaccination schedule since it protects newborns, children, and youths against infections that can be prevented.

Infectious Disease:

The Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases assesses and treats children with immune system abnormalities, both acquired and congenital, and can advise on travel vaccines. Benecare treats babies and children who have infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. Also, infections that affect several body systems, infections that are unique or severe, and infections caused by aberrant or impaired immune systems, such as AIDS.

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases department at Benecare Mother & Child Care Hospital brings together a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing the best possible care for newborns, children, and teenagers with infectious diseases and immunodeficiency disorders.

Childhood Injuries:

As we all know, newborns and children have a weak immune system, which can lead to a variety of childhood injuries in the majority of children.

You have an instinct as a parent to protect your baby and small children from injury. However, you can not always be with your child to keep him safe. Benecare knows what to look out for, and addressing some safety issues in your child’s environment can go a long way toward preventing childhood injuries.

We prioritise matching your child with home health aides who are not only trained to deliver the care your child needs, but also who are most likely to get along with your family on a personal level. We offer a variety of personal care and daily activities services for your child, including:

  • Toileting, dressing, and bathing
  • Assistance with adolescent personal hygiene
  • Transferring and walking (including safe use of wheelchairs and other assistive equipment)
  • Meal preparation, eating assistance, and food selection that is nutritious
  • Assistance with exercise and play
  • Children at danger of seizures, running away from home, and other issues require environmental safety and supervision.

Benecare hospital provides gynaecology services that give support to all women by working their problems like covering the health of the womanish reproductive system – vagina, uterus, ovaries, and guts. Gynaecology judgments and treats conditions of the reproductive organs including cancer of the ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina, and fallopian tubes.

Personal care services can be provided in the comfort and convenience of your own home by Benecare hospital. Allow Benecare to step in and relieve some of your responsibilities as a parent by serving as your preferred care partner.